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2017 Summertime Cook-Off: June 23-25 & June 30-July 2

way out wineries summertime cookoffYou be the judge! Who will be the Top Winery Chef? The Summertime Cook-Off Road Trip brings you an exciting weekend this year of not only outstanding wine, but outstanding food, too, as the Winery Chefs kick it up a notch and compete in this annual contest. Each winery will provide a complimentary wine tasting and a taste of their entry in the cook-off using their “secret ingredients”. The coveted trophy and bragging rights for an entire year motivate the wineries to put up their best efforts (and most underhanded bribes) for YOUR votes. Collect your logoed wine tasting glass at your first stop then visit all twelve wineries during the weekend. At the last winery visited, get an official ballot and vote for your favorite winery’s meat to be determined.





It’s Cook- Off Time!!

The Cook-Off Classic is an exciting weekend this year!! June 23-25 and June 30-July 2 and ticket price is $30.00. You get the customary tasting glass, food pairing, and in this case, a vote as to which of the twelve wineries has the best entree. In this case, every winery will be cooking the same meat: to be determined. The meat every Texan enjoys and says their recipe is the best!!

So you, as the culinary judge that your are, get to cast your ballot at the last winery visited to decide who had the best dish. We have a couple of wineries going way out of the box and presenting their dish in very non typical ways so YOU get to be the Wine Chef Judge today and settle the argument.

Get your tickets today and help move the trophy along or maybe it stays just where it is!