Road Trip FAQ’s

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Q: Is there a set schedule or a bus to take us to each winery?

There is no set schedule or order that you should visit the wineries. That’s the beauty of the Way Out Wineries Trail! Please check each trail event for winery open hours as they vary by weekend and by winery. 

All tours are drive-yourself road trips so you set your own schedule and itinerary.

Q: Why do I need to select a "starting winery"?

Most Road Trips include a commemorative wine tasting glass or other items which will help make your Road Trip experience more fun! By identifying your starting winery, we are able to make sure we have enough supplies for everyone!  

Q: Where is the best place to start?

Plan your itinerary to either start nearest your home base ( your home or your accommodation for the weekend) or furthest from your home base. Starting near, you will end up some distance from home base and drive back or plan to stay in one of a number of neat B&Bs or hotels/inns in the area. Starting further away, work your way back to where you intend to spend the night.

Q: Where can we stay?

We are working on discovering special rates for our WOW Road Trippers. Check back soon for a listing of accommodations or check the website of a nearby winery for good recommendations. Most Chambers of Commerce also list places to stay, eat and shop.

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