Tips For a Successful
Road Trip

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Get the most out of your Way Out Wineries Road Trip by following these simple tips:

  1. way-out-winery-road-tripsChoose a designated driver. We always recommend that someone in your party either refrain from tasting or limit tastings so that you have a safe driving experience.
  2. Plan on visiting only 4 or 5 wineries in one day. Spend enough time to enjoy your tasting and get to know the winery.
  3. Stay hydrated. Bring along some bottled water or ask for water to drink at the winery.
  4. Road Trip events always include some food, but other times, be sure to bring a picnic or snack or have lunch plans to be sure you get to stop and refresh.
  5. You will enjoy the nuances of wine aroma more if you don’t contribute any yourself. Avoid wearing perfumes or heavy scents of any kind in a winery.
  6. During hot weather, bring a cooler with some ice packs to store your wine. High temps can ruin your purchase before you get it home.
  7. During really cold weather, keep an eye on the weather forecast and highway reports. Hill country roads are winding and slippery in cold or wet weather.
  8. A wine beginner? Don’t worry. Our wineries will get you started. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let your server know that you are just starting on your wine education.
  9. Only like sweet wines? That’s okay with us. Every winery will have a selection of sweeter wines and can direct you to them. But, don’t be afraid to take a chance on a dry wine. Ask your server to recommend one.
  10. A wine expert? We love you. Don’t hesitate to ask to speak to the winemaker or someone who can answer your expert questions about the wine.

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