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Road Trips FAQ

Road Trip Tips

way-out-winery-road-trips-1So now, how about a Road Trip?

Either take advantage of one of our event Road Trips scheduled throughout the year, or plan your own. The Way Out Wineries make a big loop in the middle of Texas, so you can jump in anywhere. Decide which wineries you’d like to visit, check out the winery pages for hours and days open, and plan your route. Our map will be a good resource and winery websites are great for guiding you. Spending the night? Many winery websites list nearby accommodations and the chambers of commerce often list lodgings. Just a day trip? Find a cluster of three or four wineries closer together and take your time visiting, tasting the wines and getting to know the great folks behind the bar. They will have some great suggestions for places to eat and other interesting places to stop. Each winery provides its own unique wine-tasting experience. Check the website or our winery page for tasting fees, special events and other offerings. Then get ready to make memories!

Our event Road Trips are always a blast. It will take more than one day to get around to all the wineries but it can be done in a couple of days. Staying at a well located inn, bed & breakfast or motel will give you a chance to really relax and enjoy our wine country. You will purchase your ticket through this website. We’ll ask you to select a “starting winery” where you will be checked in and given your special wine tasting glasses. Be sure to print your ticket and present it when you first go in. The ticket and your wine glass will set you apart as a ticketholder for the event and your winery hosts will then provide you with your complimentary tasting and other event goodies.

Never been wine tasting? Don’t let that stand in your way. It’s a great time to start. Most wineries will charge you a small fee for tasting a set number of wines. But many will waive the fee with a purchase of a bottle of two. Some do their tastings at the bar while others offer a seated tasting. The person pouring the wine may be the owner or winemaker or a knowledgeable employee who will help you decide on the wines, answer questions (there are no “stupid questions” in wineries) and generally guide you through the tasting. If you are truly new to wine tasting, say so, and you will be surprised how quickly you will learn the basics from these friendly folks. If you are past the basics and want to learn more, the server will likely be able to help. Allow plenty of time at each winery and plan on visiting three or four wineries in a day with breaks for lunch and some sightseeing along the way. We always suggest a designated driver! Have fun, be safe and make memories.

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